Microshading Philadelphia

Microshading Laser Treatment

Microshading (Powder Brows)

Microshading, sometimes referred to as “Powder Brows” actually uses a different tool that is known as a rotary tool. This allows for fuller and more frequent strokes to be added to the brow. Microshading is good for individuals who have also over tweezed their eyebrows and no longer have brow hair growing back. Microshading is also for a candidate that may have a shiny or somewhat oily skin type.

Ombre Brows

The Ombre Brow has the similar look of the trendy Ombre hair – from light to dark. It has been defined as “a manicured brow that is defined, bold and fashion-forward.” It is a good fit for someone that stays true to changing fashion trends. The Ombre’ look is for those patients that have oil, natural, dry, or combination skin.

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