“Dear Dr. Ryan Hoffman and Staff,

Thank you!

As a patient, going through any type of medical procedure or surgery, it is helpful to have a team of medical personnel that is caring and understanding. Beginning with Dr. Hoffman, who did not jump to any conclusions during my initial examination of the growth, lipoma; he sent me for additional tests to confirm the diagnosis and try not to have any surprises before going into surgery. Dr. Hoffman eased my fears, one step at a time. Answered my questions and guided me through each step of the way. Then, once I considered taking the additional steps to also include a tummy tuck, I felt reassured that this would be a good choice for me. All the way through the processes the kindness of your staff, including Bette (getting answers to all my telephone questions), Joy (getting me through the insurance process), and your medical assistants for making me feel at ease, has been amazing. You have a very knowledgeable and professional staff with a personal touch. Thank you all!

Some of your above and beyond touches, Dr. Hoffman, thank you for your patience in allowing my sisters to come to my appointments and ask questions; for maintaining contact with my sister after surgery and through the ICU step-down process. The nurses were also on top of everything! Then you called me to check in and tell me to call you if I needed anything….WOW!

I wanted to let you and the girls know how much I appreciate everything you did to get me through this. Please keep up the good work!

My body may still not be perfect, however my self esteem has been elevated to my perfect place! Thank you and God bless you!”

With warmest regards