At age 59 I knew I wanted to take at least 10 years off the age of my looks before I turned 60 this summer. So I went to visit three plastic surgeons on the Main Line, one of whom was Dr. Hoffman. I chose Dr. Hoffman. The first reason I chose him is that he listened to my concerns and my goals. I asked for an upper and lower blepharoplasty, to rid my eyes of bags, wrinkles, and overhanging skin. I also wanted a rhytidectomy, to take away the hanging sagging skin on my neck. I had missed wearing necklines that exposed my neck. I expressed that I wanted only to look younger, not 25 or 35! He truly understood. His approach is conservative and very careful. Both other doctors I consulted acted as if they understood me, but then they each told me how they would proceed by taking fat from my stomach to resculpt my cheeks, pull this, fix that, since, as one of them said, “Your face is asymmetrical!” Both of the other surgeons said that I would need a lot more fat transfer from other parts of my body and that the entire surgery would take at least 7 hours. By contrast, Dr. Hoffman said the surgery would take 4 hours, and he INSISTED that I stay at Lankenau Hospital for the first night in case anything were to go wrong. Neither of the other doctors insisted on an overnight in the hospital. That sent up red flags to me that neither of them was as careful as Dr. Hoffman. I am so happy I did stay in Lankenau! I had nausea from the anesthesia, and the nurses took very good care of me. The next morning I was well, and I went home.

Another reason I chose Dr. Hoffman is that he did not say that he was going to refashion my entire face! He understood that I want to look like a younger me, not get an entire new face. In fact I have always liked my face! I perceived that he understands the person, he does not try to re-form a person to look like the Hollywood, cookie-cutter type.

The post-op care from Dr. Hoffman was attentive, thorough, kind, and helpful. I had a long recovery since it was such major surgery, and early on I needed much reassurance. Dr. Hoffman was there every step of the way. By 6 weeks I was entertaining house guests, and everyone said I looked great but not one person asked or hinted at my having had surgery! It was, rather is, a marvelous success! At 3 months and counting I feel like a new me, renewed and happy with my looks, now that the wrinkles and sags are gone. I cannot thank Dr. Hoffman enough. He REALLY knows what he is doing, and in a field that has so much media hype, false promises, and promotions of “one-look-fits-all,” Dr. Hoffman is truly superior above the rest in his professionalism, surgical skill, and attentiveness to the person.

Many thanks,