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BeautiFill’s unique advantages give patients new opportunities for superior outcomes. The Ultra-quiet, powerful aspiration system features two pumps for high powered operation: a peristaltic pump for infiltration of tumescent anesthetic mixtures and one aspiration pump for fat suctioning.

Beautifill uses the technology found in SmartLipo® with laser-assisted liposuction and Lipo360 for a full 360-degree liposuction. Beautiful is the complete solution for optimal body contouring. The simultaneous use of lasers and 360 degree liposuction allows effective skin tightening, reduction in treatment and recovery time, high vitality of fat, and immediate fat grafting.


BeautiFill gives practitioners the highest average fat vitality recorded – 95.7%.

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In a BeautiFill procedure, fat cells undergo a gentle lysis to a semi-liquid state, generating two distinct phases:

  • Significant adipose phase with highly viable, small uniform fat cells
  • Minor blood phase, with no oil phase present

Fat cells with high vitality combined with a filtering mesh allow for successful autologous fat injection, with longer-term results.


BeautiFill’s low-power density approach prevents fat destruction and makes high vitality fat immediately available. The available fat is a natural integration into the host tissue, making it a highly instrumental application. BeautiFill’s procedure is quick and convenient with a fully equipped kit, making the system ideal for aesthetic body contouring anywhere the patient wishes for a fuller, healthier appearance.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hoffman for the last year and every procedure I’ve had, the results were always great. I had no doubt that the BeautiFill would be ideal for my stubborn love handles. The procedure was easy and downtime for me was one day. I was able to work out three days later. And the results after three weeks were a huge difference. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to see some fast beautiful results.”

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With BeautiFill, all areas of the body can be effectively treated. The technology is ideal for larger areas with extensive fat deposits, including male breast tissues.


BeautiFill Before and AfterBeautiFill Before and AfterBeautiFill Before and After