Fat Grafting Philadelphia

Fat GraftingFat Grafting is a proven technique that involves removing fat from one area of your body with lipsocustion, purifying it, and then transferring it to another area of your body.

The Benefits of Fat Grafting

The use of your own fat to enhance size, shape and lifted appearance of your derriere, breast, or, face, or body has several important benefits. Not only will your body appear more sculpted and trim, with unwanted fat deposits reduced, your body will not reject your own fat, and the process is safe and effective.
Every person is unique in the look that they way, and the amount of excess fat present on the body that allows for fat transfer. This procedure requires the patient have sufficient fatty deposits , which even the thinnest of paitents normally have.

Body Contouring with Fat Grafting

The extracted fat is prepared by the plastic surgeon and is then injected into your buttocks, face, body, or breasts. This transferred fat enances your body in areas it was deficient, filling out flat areas and giving a lifted appearance to your chosen body part. Skin surface contour irregularites can be corrected in the same procedure. A powerful added benefit of the fat grafting procedures is that you will benefit from the liposuction to slim and trim excess fat from other areas of your body for a sculpting effect. The procedure is a two-for-one way to enhance and contour your body, and creaste a more beautiful and appealing shape.