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botoxBOTOX® Cosmetic is a safe and effective therapy that improves facial wrinkles, diminishes frown lines, and softens harsh expressions. BOTOX® Cosmetic has been used safely and successfully for over 10 years.

In the amounts used for wrinkle therapy, the only possible side effects are temporary and localized to the area of injection. The Main Line Institute of Plastic Surgery buys its BOTOX® directly from Allergan, the only FDA-approved source in the U.S. This ensures we provide the safest and most effective Botox in Philadelphia for our valued patients.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

At the beginning of your consultation for Botox in Philadelphia, we will discuss your goals and concerns. A physical evaluation will be performed to assess the extent of your skin aging. This will help us determine the ideal treatment to offer. For Botox candidates, we will create a personalized treatment plan where each detail will be explained to you. The preparation, procedure, aftercare, results, cost, and recommended number of sessions will be discussed while answering any questions you may have.

Treatments with Botox

Using a tiny micro-needle BOTOX® is injected, very precisely, into several locations on the face. These include the vertical lines between your eyebrows, the horizontal forehead wrinkles, and the corner of your eyes (crow’s feet). BOTOX® injected into these targeted facial expression muscles, blocks nerve impulses to the muscle so the muscle as a whole contract less. This results in the overlying skin becoming smoother, with fewer lines and wrinkles. The action of frowning is muted, and the frown lines soften, relax, and diminish. The untreated facial muscles contract in a normal fashion allowing normal facial expression and feeling to be unaffected.

Following the consultation, the actual procedure takes about 15 minutes. Since there is no down time you can do it at lunch time- and no one would know you had it done!

Goodbye My Angry Line

I had a pronounced line on the bridge of my nose, which caused me to appear angry.Dr. Hoffman eliminated the line and I actually never felt any discomfort, due to the superb way in which he administered the botox injections. Dr. Hoffman is the consummate professional. He is always patient and very honest about what is the best course of treatment and what results one should expect.

– Botox Patient

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Results of BOTOX® Cosmetic

The results of your BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment will begin to appear in three to seven days. The effect will last three to four months, after which the treated muscles will gradually regain their action. When the frown line starts to reappear, a simple repeat treatment is all that is necessary to maintain the desired results. We advise patients to have their first 3 treatments precisely 12 weeks apart and the next 2 treatments about 16 weeks apart. Typically patients who follow this treatment schedule need less Botox and increase the time needed between treatments.

Are there any side effects?

As with any injection, there can be temporary swelling, redness, bruising, headache, or local discomfort. Patients with neuromuscular disorders should consult with their physician before receiving BOTOX® Cosmetic in Philadelphia. BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment should not be administered to women who are pregnant.

How Much Does Botox Cosmetic Cost?

The cost of Botox Cosmetic will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation. The amount of Botox used as well as the number of sessions required to achieve the desired results will have a significant impact in the total cost of Botox procedure.

Botox/Dysport Q&A

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For more information about Botox in Philadelphia, call our office today at 610-896-6666 to set up a consultation with Dr. Hoffman.

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