Laser 360 Philadelphia

The Main Line Line Institute of Plastic Surgery is excited to offer Laser 360. Laser 360 can accomplish complete skin rejuvenation in just 60 days. The protocol is effective on the face, neck, chest, and hands. It combines multiple treatments into a 60 day fully customizable plan.

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The treatment is accomplished by using both laser and radio frequency technology. Combining treatments depending on the goals of the patient, leads to the best cosmetic outcome. Three main areas are targeted to improve your skin-color, tightening, texture/tone.

Color – Discoloration of the skin could be from sun exposure, aging or simply an excess of melanin or blood vessels at the surface. Light-based therapy helps eliminate this unwanted vascularity or pigmentation.

Treat color irregularities such as vascular or pigmented lesions with the AFT 540 module in a series of 3-5 treatments.

Tightening – It’s a sad fact of life: skin laxity increases as we age. Luckily, laxity can be improved without surgery or downtime, in a painless procedure that utilizes Near Infrared technology.

Achieve skin tightening with the ST module, typically in combination with AFT and/or Pixel, in a series of 3-6 treatments.

The ST Near Infrared module safely and effectively produces deep dermal heating to induce neocollagenesis, with no damage to the epidermis.

Tightening (2nd option) – Skin tightening is also accomplished by our radio frequency machine called Viora. It targets the deep skin layers with heat to cause skin contraction and skin tightening.

It has minimal downtime and produced neocollagenesis as well.

Texture and Tone – Help your patients turn back the clock on wrinkles to reveal smoother skin in a painless procedure.

The Pixel 2940 improves the quality and texture of the dermis while it stimulates collagen regeneration, in a series of 3-6 fractional ablative laser treatments.

Treatments are fast, with no downtime or side effects. Plus you have no additional mess or expense of dyes, gels or consumables.



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