A Body Lift Trims Away Excess Skin in Many Areas Philadelphia

As our bodies age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. This is primarily because our skin depends on a protein called collagen to help stay firm and tight. However, the production of collagen degrades as one gets older, resulting in loose skin that will give you a saggy appearance.

There are other factors, apart from aging, that also contribute to the loss of elasticity in the skin. For instance, a sudden and drastic amount of weight gain and subsequent loss can cause the skin to sag. This can occur throughout the body and is mainly caused due to the skin not having enough time to adapt to the drastic and sudden changes that arise from rapid weight fluctuation.

Having excess skin can cause plenty of problems. The change it brings to your overall look can hamper your self-confidence. It can also cause more tangible problems, such as the inability to wear certain styles of clothing comfortably. Loose skin has higher susceptibility to infections as well

Many people try to fix this issue by working out more and eating better, but this alone does not always produce your ideal look and you may be left with excess skin that refuses to go away. In cases like these, the only solution at this point is to go in for a body lift

Though it sounds complex, a body lift is actually a very simple and safe procedure that can help people realize their bodily goals.

If you are a man or a woman with stubborn fat and excess skin, a body lift is probably your best bet at acquiring a perfectly sculpted body.

The Body Lift Procedure

You might be wondering what a body lift surgery is. It is a type of plastic surgery designed to eliminate excess skin and stubborn fat in those hard to target areas of the body.

To begin, your doctor will put you under an anesthetic to help ease any discomfort that occurs during the procedure. Next, he will make strategically placed incisions in the designated areas of the body.

The pattern and length of the incisions are determined on the basis of the location and the amount of excess skin that you want to remove. Other than that, your doctor’s judgement also plays a large role. Surgeons will usually try to place the incisions in areas where they cannot be easily seen.

The final step involves closing the incisions with deep sutures after the necessary tissues are removed. These sutures are made within the underlying tissue. They help support the new contours of the body. Skin adhesive clips or tape may also be used to close the incisions.

The initial results are usually visible almost instantly. However, the full results of the lift can take several months to show.

What to Expect After the Body Lift Procedure

During the recovery phase, bandages or dressings will be placed over the incisions. Small tubes may be placed under the skin to drain out the excess blood. Other than that, your surgeon will instruct you on how to care for the surgical sites and when to follow up.

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