Augmentation Mastopexy Enhances the Breasts in Several Ways Philadelphia

The passage of time has a profound effect on our bodies. As we get older, different aspects of our bodies begin to change and start to show the early signs of age. These changes can alter the way we look and change our overall appearance.

While there are some similarities in the way both men and women age, the aging process has subtle differences in how it affects women. One area of the body that changes the most as woman get older are the breasts. Eventually, they will become less firm, less voluminous, and less resilient. In the end, what you’re left with are droopy or saggy breasts. This sagging look is referred to as Ptosis.

There are other factors that might contribute to this as well. For instance, significant fluctuations in weight, genetics, and even pregnancy can cause the breasts to develop a saggy appearance.

Even women with large, heavy breasts will experience sagging or drooping due to the force of gravity acting on them. In fact, these women are likely to develop droopy breasts sooner than most. Fortunately these problems can be solved with a combination procedure known as augmentation mastopexy.

Enhance Your Breasts with an Augmentation Mastopexy Surgery

A Mastopexy involves the removal of loose skin around your breast region. Now, the exact amount and pattern of the skin targeted for removal will vary, but this removal of skin is exactly what allows the tightening of the breast tissue. The end result – lifted and firm breasts that look youthful. During the surgical process, your doctor can also restore the position of the nipple.

Now, there are multiple Mastopexy procedures that a surgeon can choose from. These procedures are typically named after the shape of the incisions used to carry them out.

There is the Crescent Mastopexy, which is a simple form of mastopexy. It involves the removal of excess skin in the shape of a crescent right above the areola. However, sometimes the incisions may have to be extended sideways, in which case, the procedure turns into a Batwing Mastopexy.

You also have something called a Circum-Areolar Mastopexy a.k.a. Doughnut Pattern Lift or Benelli Lift. This particular type of Mastopexy involves making a doughnut-like incision around the areola to make the necessary corrections. The procedure, however, is limited in terms of the amount of lift it can achieve.

Another option is Vertical Mastopexy a.k.a. Lollipop Lift, which is ideal for moderate ptosis. For extreme ptosis, surgeons prefer to carry out a Wise Pattern or Anchor Mastopexy.

Lift and Augment the Shape and Size of Your Breasts

Mastopexy is generally advised for women who want to restore the firmness and volume of their breasts. So, a Mastopexy is more than enough if you’re simply looking to get rid of the droopiness. But, what a Mastopexy doesn’t involve is increasing the size of the breasts.

In order to improve the size of the breasts, you will have to rely on the insertion of breast implants. The procedure is known as a breast augmentation. You can combine both procedures for a significant improvement in the look of your breasts. Not only will they look perky and youthful, they’ll also have the shape and size you desire.

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