Breast Lift – Full or Modified Technique – Pennsylvania Philadelphia

Breast lifts are an exciting prospect for many women who are looking to enhance the look of their breasts. Sagging skin and misaligned areolae can often be an area of self-consciousness, and a breast lift can help patients achieve the look that they’ve been after.

Breast lifts are offered in a range of techniques. After a consultation with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ryan Hoffman, recommendations will be made to suit your goals and body type.

If the enhancements are only to be made on the skin envelope of the breast and the surgeon doesn’t need to manipulate the internal tissue, then the technique is likely a full breast lift. The full breast lift is composed of three major incisions: the anchor ring, the anchor shank and the anchor stock.

If there is a desire for limited incisions or a specific modification, modified breast lifts are also an option. Depending on the specific goal of the patient, the strategy may employ a periareolar lift, a circumareolar lift or a circumvertical lift.

If you are curious about which of these options is right for you, please contact our office in Pennsylvania for a scheduled consultation.