Combining Facial Procedures for Optimal Results Philadelphia

young woman receiving face massage from cosmetologist

Most patients love the results they experience from plastic surgery, but why go through the process of general anesthesia, soreness, and time off from work more often than necessary? Combination procedures, where multiple surgical aesthetic needs are addressed simultaneously, can help patients conveniently achieve the effects of facial plastic surgery with coordinated, consistent results.

Understanding Your Options With Dr. Hoffman

Of course, not everyone qualifies for every facial plastic surgery procedure. To determine which one(s) are suitable for your aesthetic goals, you’ll first need to come in for a consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan S. Hoffman. Leader of the Main Line Institute of Plastic Surgery at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, PA, Dr. Hoffman is proud to offer dozens of face, breast, and body procedures.

During your initial consultation, he will review your medical history and allergies while also carefully studying your symptoms and facial anatomy. We will take specialized images that can be put on an interactive video board, making it easy to discuss your treatment objectives. From there, we’ll develop your cosmetic surgery plan, which may include multiple procedures.

Pairing a Facelift With Other Procedures

One of the most common types of combination procedures in facial plastic surgery is to pair a facelift with or more of the following protocols:

  • Brow lift (or forehead lift)
  • Eyelid lift (upper or lower)
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)
  • Fat grafting (or fat transfer)
  • Neck liposuction

The access to the underlying facial tissue that Dr. Hoffman obtains via the facelift incisions can easily allow him to make these additional adjustments as requested, often saving patients from extra incisions in the future. As well, combining skin tightening techniques (such as the facelift and brow lift) often makes sense to avoid an uneven appearance in regards to aging skin.

Combining Fat Grafting With Different Techniques

Besides wrinkles and fine lines, patients may notice a loss of volume in the cheeks as they get older, or they may simply desire more of a pout for the lips. In these instances, it frequently makes sense to also include fat transfer in your treatment plan.

Here, fat tissue is removed from another area of your body (like the hips or flanks), purified, and then injected into the cheeks, lips, or elsewhere for subtle improvements in definition. This can be performed while a patient is also receiving a facelift for incredible mid-face enhancements, or in alternative patient-specific combinations with other procedures.

Individualized Care at the Main Line Institute of Plastic Surgery

There are almost limitless ways to blend modalities for total face rejuvenation. Perhaps you need a brow lift and facelift but have always been thinking about a rhinoplasty, too. Our medical aestheticians also administer a range of non-surgical therapies, potentially allowing for a combination of surgical procedures with minimally and non-invasive techniques. To begin your facial rejuvenation, contact us today to schedule your consultation!