Eyelids Sag and Get Puffy with Age Philadelphia

You cannot escape the natural effects of the aging process. No matter what you do, it catches up with you eventually and in the end, it begins showing throughout all of your body parts. Your eyes are no different.

While old age can affect your vision, it can also affect the appearance of your eyes. In today’s age, technology is keeping us glued to multiple devices on the go. The icing on the cake is pollution and stress which can contribute to tired and puffy eyes, and these issues worsen with age as well.

If your eyelids start to develop a saggy and puffy appearance due to aging, you could opt for a blepharoplasty procedure to solve this problem. Let us study the procedure in detail.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is another name for the cosmetic eyelid surgery. Your doctor will recommend blepharoplasty if you have excess skin around your eyelids. It helps to reduce saggy lower eyelids. Keep in mind that the procedure does not aid in reversing any other signs of aging like age spots. You will have to opt for other cosmetic procedures for issues like these.

What Happens During the Blepharoplasty Surgery

The blepharoplasty procedure is generally done using local anesthesia. It will take anywhere between two to three hours depending on whether you are going to correct only the top/bottom eyelid or both. If you are going to correct both eyelids, your doctor will normally start off with the upper eyelid.

He will make an incision along your eyelid’s natural line and then use it to separate the skin & tissue and also remove excess skin, tissue and fat from that area. Your doctor will then close the incision using small stitches.

Your doctor may use different techniques to correct your lower eyelid. He will either follow the same procedure and make an incision on the lid to remove fat. He may also choose to make an incision along the margin of your eyelash and use that for reshaping the eyelid. He may recommend laser resurfacing to ensure that there is no or very minimal scarring.

Recovery From Eyelid Surgery

You will have stitches on your eyelid for at least 7 to 10 days after your blepharoplasty. There is bound to be some swelling and bruising but nothing that won’t heal within a few days. You need to have someone on standby to take you home from the facility after the surgery.

Also, to ensure that your eyelids heal completely and quickly, you should make sure to get adequate rest and take an off from work for a few days. Your doctor will usually give you painkillers to help you cope with any discomfort you may encounter easily.

Your eyes are a very important part of your body. They are the windows to the world we live in and you should not put them in the hands of any doctor. You should make sure that you do enough research and find someone who has the skills necessary to bring about a good outcome.

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