How Long Will a Brazilian Butt Lift Last? Philadelphia

If you’ve recently had a Brazilian butt lift surgery or are considering getting one soon, one of the questions you might be asking yourself is “how long will a Brazilian butt lift last?” It’s an important question, but in reality, the answer depends on the individual.

Brazilian butt lifts are one of the few body augmentation procedures where patients will retain their post-surgical appearance for a long time. A typical Brazilian butt lift patient will retain between 60%-80% of their fat transfer years after the surgery.

Once the fat is grafted into your buttocks, your body reestablishes blood flow, making it behave like tissue naturally from the area. This means your buttocks will remain the same size and shape and in the same position as time goes by.

Three Ways To Ensure Your Brazilian Butt Lift Lasts A Lifetime

Brazilian butt lift surgeries take time and effort to recover from and it stands to reason that you want to preserve your shapely buttocks and avoid having to undergo another surgery. To help you, we’ve made a list of activities you need to do in order to ensure that your Brazilian butt lift remains as it is, decades after the surgery.

Implement the Right Sitting Method

Putting a lot of pressure on your Brazilian butt lift graft right after the surgery can instantaneously kill the results you achieve from the surgery. That’s why doctors recommend that you don’t sit for at least three weeks after the surgery. A Special cushion can be provided to help make sitting easier as you heal.

While this can be difficult to do, you have the option of laying on your stomach or squatting. But whatever you do, remember to change your position every few minutes to avoid stretching your skin too much.

Even after the recovery period, it is advisable that you don’t plop yourself down on the sofa hard. Be gentle in the way you sit and try to distribute your weight evenly on your buttocks.

Wear compression garments regularly

Compression garments are usually recommended during the initial few weeks after the surgery, since they help bring down the swelling and help shape the buttocks. Some patients stop wearing the compression garments three weeks after the surgery, because of the pain or discomfort they feel.

Our advice is that you wear the compression garments for as long as recommended and take pain medication to help ease the discomfort. This way, you can experience the best results possible without hindering your recovery process.

Exercise With Care

Before undergoing the procedure, you should be within your ideal body weight, so be mindful about how much weight you lose or gain, as it can alter the buttocks and negatively affect the results.

Start with light exercises about two months after the surgery and move onto heavier workouts about six months after the procedure. Some of the best workouts for a Brazilian butt lift surgical patients include – cardio exercises, squats, lunges, P90X, calisthenics, touchdowns and kickbacks.

Start with light weights and lower repetitions and then increase the intensity over the course of time. Work your gluteal muscles as well, to help strengthen the muscles on and around your buttocks. The right exercise and diet will not only retain your Brazilian butt lift results, but they will improve it too.

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