Reshape a Wide Nose with a Rhinoplasty Philadelphia

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that can help reshape the contours of the nose. It can help shorten the length and width of the nose, sharpen the tip, make it more pointed instead of round, and change the shape of the nostrils. It can give your nose a huge makeover to better match the contours and shape of your face.

Rhinoplasty for A Nose with A Wide Bridge or Base

A wide nose can make your entire face look broader and wider. Having a narrow and long nose with a small width at the base and bridge can give your face a longer and well-contoured look, similar to the look that models have while walking down the runway at fashion shows.

There are several types of rhinoplasty techniques available to patients who choose to undergo the procedure. The technique used depends on your needs and your desired appearance. Some people might want the length increased or decreased, while some others might just want to sharpen the tip.

For some people, the width of the nose base and the width of the bridge of the nose are too large. The wide look can be unpleasing and cause someone to feel insecure. With a rhinoplasty, however, people with wide noses can make them shorter and more narrow.

Preparing for Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Your rhinoplasty procedure will begin with a consultation. During your consultation, your surgeon will assess what needs to be done to the nose to accomplish your desired goals and optimize function. He will take before photos and use digital imaging software to give you an idea of what your nose will look like after the procedure.

Suppose you have a very prominent and over projected nasal tip that is uneven and a very wide dorsum. Your surgeon will decrease the projection of the nasal tip to give the nose a better shape and balance overall. Your surgeon will project your current nose picture on his digital imaging software and show you what your nose will look like after the surgery.

This way you can tell the surgeon if you will be happy with the potential results. It is better to adjust the width of the nose digitally before the surgeon cuts open the nose and starts making changes as it will be too late afterward. Your surgeon will make the bridge of the nose narrower and will straighten the asymmetrical tip.

What surgeons also keep in mind is that the vault region of the nose or the middle portion of the nose becomes more narrower on its own over a period of time. Your surgeon will need to account for this while performing the surgery make sure the nose doesn’t become too narrow.

Your surgeon will also provide you with specific instructions to help you prepare for the procedure. These instructions may include stopping the use of certain medications, dietary changes, and changes to your smoking habits if you smoke.

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