Restylane – Wrinkles Treatment – Philadelphia Philadelphia

There are a lot of different kinds of lines and wrinkles that develop on our faces. Lines and wrinkles are the most common and sometimes the most prominent signs of aging for people. Some people, through a loss of skin elasticity, lose volume in the skin and appear gaunt or hollow in the cheeks. Luckily, there are dermal injections like Restylane that are effective in filling out volume and softening the appearance of lines.

The development of these creases often occurs along areas where muscle movements like smiling or frowning are repeated. The most common lines have names like crow’s feet, frown lines, marionette lines and frown lines. In the cheeks and along the nose, there are nasolabial folds which can appear more exaggerated with gaunt cheeks.

Restylane, a hyaluronic acid, excels as a dermal injection because of its ability to hold volume. Once injected, the benefits can last up to a year. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ryan Hoffman to see how you can benefit from dermal injections.

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