Sculpt Your Lower Abdomen with the Mini Tummy Tuck Philadelphia

The mini tummy tuck is a type of modified abdominoplasty surgery. It is less invasive than the full abdominoplasty procedure. In a mini tummy tuck, a short C-section-like incision is made above or at the pubic region. It is performed to remove and tighten drooping tissues in the lower abdominal region.

A mini tummy tuck is also known as partial abdominoplasty. It is ideal for people who have fat localized below their belly button and people who do not have too much sagging abdominal skin. A mini tummy tuck will give your lower abdomen a sculpted look.

The Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

General anesthesia will be applied at the start of the procedure to ensure that the patient does not feel pain or discomfort during their mini tummy tuck.

The exact length of the incision made will depend on the amount of excess fat and skin to be removed. The incision made in a mini tummy tuck is generally much shorter than the one made in a traditional tummy tuck. Since less skin is removed, the chance of prominent post-surgical marks appearing is small. It is for this very reason that mini tummy tucks are also known as short-scar tummy tucks.

Liposuction may be performed to eliminate the fat, and excess skin may be removed. The remaining abdominal skin is then stretched downward and redraped. It is then stitched up. The belly button will not need to be repositioned. A drainage tube may be placed temporarily at the site of the incision to drain out any excess fluid or blood accumulated during the surgery.

What Is Recovery Like?

You will be allowed to go home a couple of hours after the surgery. You may experience some discomfort after the surgery, but pain medication will be prescribed. You can return to work after a couple of days, but you cannot participate in any strenuous or physically exhausting activities for a couple weeks.

How Is This Different from the Full Tummy Tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is much less noticeable than a full tummy tuck. In a full tummy tuck, the incisions are bigger and run the length and width of your stomach. In a mini tummy tuck, the incision is shorter.

Full tummy tucks are for people who have excessively protruding bellies and too much fat, loose skin, and drooping muscle tissue. Mini tummy tucks, on the other hand, are for people who generally have a sculpted body but the excess tissue on their lower abdomen simply refuses to go away, even after continued exercising and dieting.

Mini tummy tucks also require less recovery time and cause less post-operative bruising and swelling than the full tuck does.

A mini tummy tuck is not for women who are considering getting pregnant. Pregnancy will re-stretch the treated area, negating the results of the procedure. Also, if you are prone to the formation of keloids (thick scars), you should remember that the incisions will heal but can create keloids.

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