Sick of Drooping Skin? A Body Lift Is a Comprehensive Solution Philadelphia

Sagging skin may appear in some parts of your body as a result of significant weight loss, the aging process, lifestyle habits, and many other factors. It is a problem for many people and it can cause a lack of confidence and insecurity in one’s own appearance. If you’re suffering from dull and drooping skin, you can find relief with plastic surgery.

Body lift procedures are usually recommended for those who are worried about sagging skin. Depending on the area that has to be corrected and the level of correction involved, the actual complexity of the procedure will differ. Given the advancements in the field of plastic surgery, body lift procedures have become a safe and efficient means of contouring the body.

Preparing For The Body Lift Procedure

The process will begin with an informational consultation. During this time, you should be clear about your goals and expectations. After talking to your surgeon about the body lift, he will help determine the type of procedure that would suit you the best.

The reason behind the sagging skin will also have a role to play. If your skin is sagging due to weight loss, it might not be the same case as that when the skin sags due to the natural aging process. Because, with aging, the skin also loses its elasticity. Having realistic goals would also be essential.

It’s important for you to educate yourself about the procedure by doing research or by asking your surgeon as many questions as possible. This will help you understand more about the surgical process and what to expect.

When choosing a surgeon, you will want to make sure that he has experience performing the body lift. It will help you be assured that your surgeon is well versed in the latest techniques and uses the best tools. A good tip for finding a great surgeon in your area is to ask around for recommendations or make a search online.

As a part of preparing for the procedure, your doctor will analyze your body to find out if you have any underlying health issues. He will work to rule out any allergies you may have and will monitor your regular medications. You will have to try and maintain a healthy and stable weight to make sure that the best results are achieved.

Once your bodily needs are assessed, your doctor will develop a surgical plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. He will make incisions based on the area where the surgery has to be performed and the amount of sagging skin and excess fat that needs to be removed. The remaining tissue will then be tightened and the incisions will be closed.

Benefits Of A Body Lift Procedure

People who have lost weight suddenly or those who have lost a lot of weight might find it difficult to tackle sagging skin issues. In come cases, drooping skin cannot be corrected by exercises and diet alone, but a body lift can significantly improve the contours of one’s body quickly and efficiently.

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Correcting sagging skin can give you a firmer and well defined silhouette. It can help improve your self-image and provide you with a more youthful body. Contact us to learn more about the body procedure. Dr. Ryan Hoffman, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, can guide you on the path to a better body with proven techniques that are safe and provide beautiful results.