Thigh Lift – Recovery Steps – Philadelphia Philadelphia

A thigh lift is an invasive cosmetic procedure that requires a surgeon to make incisions on the body. With any surgical procedure involving incisions to the body, it is vital to ensure that the patient make every effort to take care of themselves during the recovery period.

Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ryan Hoffman for instructions on how to properly care for yourself after a thigh lift. The procedure typically lasts a few hours, and patients are often advised to spend a night in the hospital to recover.

Following the procedure, the incisions will be dressed and may have drainage tubes placed for swelling. On top of doing your best to follow the specific directions of the surgeon, it is important to limit any strenuous activity for the first few weeks and to take care to avoid trauma to the operated area.

If you have further questions about recovery after a thigh lift, please contact our office in Philadelphia.