Tummy Tuck – Mini Tuck – Philadelphia Abdominoplasty Philadelphia

Tummy tucks, also known as abdominoplasties, are a cosmetic plastic surgery that can remove excess tissue and fat around the abdomen. After extreme weight loss or pregnancy, many patients experience sagging skin and tissue around the belly. If you are looking for a method to regain your figure or enhance your look in order to make it closer to your ideal, a tummy tuck may be right for you.

In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Ryan Hoffman, your tummy tuck can be customized to suit your specific needs. For example, if you are concerned about scarring or do not need extensive enhancement, a mini tuck could be the right option. A mini tuck involves a smaller incision, and a smaller amount of tissue is removed compared to a complete tummy tuck.

If you would like to discuss your tummy tuck options, please feel free to contact us at our office in Philadelphia.